For this week’s Business In Focus, I will be interviewing Grace who is the owner and founder of Ball Balm & Co.  Ball Balm & Co is an all-Australian all-natural solution that allows you and your boys to carry on living your best lives without discomfort. Packed full of amazing oils and other natural ingredients, Ball Balm will soothe, calm and hydrate. And it’s not just for the boys as it also eases the irritation of sunburn, friction, bites and shaving. Grace has a great passion for what she does and is already looking at expanding her product line.

Who is your advisor and how long have you been receiving digital advice?

My adviser is Nathan Todd. I have been receiving advice from Nathan since November 2021.

What is your product?

My product is called Ball Balm. Ball Balm is an all-natural balm, created to help relieve skin discomfort caused from chafing and other skin irritations.

What was the main struggle you identified within your business?

My main struggle would be having a stable social media presence and being able to grow our brand on social media.

What were things you implemented that had a big impact on your business moving forward?

I regularly reached out to outside business opportunities such as Plugapalooza on Chanel 7 Sunrise, Pink Finns, Blooms Chemist and other avenues that impacted our business massively. By implementing this initiative, Ball Balm has reached people nation-wide in less than 6 months. Our most recent opportunities are the Royal Easter Show in April and The Weekender.

What advice would you give to other small businesses in the same situation?

My advice would be to be passionate about your product/service. Work hard to make it happen, never take no for an answer and nothing is impossible as long as you have the drive.  Lastly, everyone has an opinion, always trust your gut.

What are your business goals for the future?

I hope that one day we can build the Ball Balm range with a variety of products, but my biggest goal is to use our business as a platform to bring awareness for men’s health.

Final words:

I just want to thanks to the Western Sydney Business Centre for this opportunity and the advice they are providing me with to take my business to the next level.

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