Article written by Nathan Todd, ASBAS Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre.

There is no doubting that social media pages are getting harder and harder to manage for small business owners. The platforms are constantly changing as is what works/doesn’t when it comes to content creation. I have created a list below of some of the basics that may assist you going forward, and free up some time to focus on other parts of your business.

  1. Establish a clear focused vision- Your social media will struggle for success if you haven’t planned out what the goal is that you are trying to achieve. Yes, you ultimately want to gain a following, but is the content you are posting attracting the wrong audience? Your posts must remain in line with what the core objective of your business is. Researching successful competitors to see what content is working for them is a great place to start.
  2. Be consistent- This may be the biggest challenge in your business as it is for most but being proactive rather than reactive is key. To manage an effective social media, you must plan your content for the week. Content can be planned in one day and scheduled for posting throughout the week. Meta Business Suite is a great tool to manage this.
  3. Creating content- Some of you may have the image in your mind but think you don’t have the skills to create it, but don’t worry, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create content. A program such as ‘Canva’ could be a great tool for you to use to create meaningful images that will attract the attention from your following. A lot of businesses now struggle with making Reels, make sure to scroll down the ‘Reels’ section and Instagram and find a video you like, then click ‘Use Template’. This will make it much easier for you to create one!
  4. Intriguing posts- The ultimate goal on your social media is to get the attention of your target audience. Be entertaining or educational, ask questions and try and stand out from the rest. Why would someone follow you? If you don’t have the answer to that question you need to go back to the planning phase.

These points only just scratch the surface of social media management, but if you are ready for the next steps please get in touch, I would love to assist!