Moon Sahra is an e-commerce store selling only the highest quality beauty products online, and the founder who we are interviewing this week is Marina. Born out of a trip to Morocco where Marina stumbled upon the purest argan oil, which is as rare as finding a pot of gold. The argan oil which Moon Sahara produces is rare, wild-harvested, first cold pressed and the highest quality unlike other inferior argan oil products on the market. It has antioxidant, inflammatory, and healing properties with benefits: reduces wrinkles and stretch marks, controls acne, healthy skin cell metabolism, soft skin, and hair, retains moisture. Whilst only a new business Moon Sahra plans to sell more luxurious products such as Boukhour perfume and Kohl Deodorant, looking to become an online business focusing on selling pure and natural beauty solutions. You can find out more about Moon Sahra’s Argan oil at

Who is your advisor?

The wonderful and beautiful inside and out Katina Jaye.

How long have you been receiving business advice from the Digital Solutions Program?

Around 6 months.

What was the main struggle you identified within your business?

My main struggle was believing that this will work, building my website, designing my brand, having to rebrand early in my business from Sahara Rose to Moon Sahra and wearing to many hats which was overwhelming.

What were things you implemented that had a big impact on your business moving forward?

Completing the NEIS Certificate IV in Business with Sydney College (They’re a great team) and defiantly contacting WSBC. I highly recommend Katina Jaye who helped me and lead me on the right path.  Katina advised me to join certain Facebook groups suitable to my business which was a blessing. An outstanding designer read my post and voluntarily designed my labels pro bono. My business went from amateur to professional in a flash like a dream! Also, allowing other people to take a load off your shoulders. You can’t do it all. If you can afford it, hire a VA for a couple of hours a week, outsource some of the work defiantly try and find a great trustworthy designer.

What advice would you give to other small businesses in the same situation?

Just get out there and do it raw! As Katina says you have to start and you’ll figure it out along the way! If you wait for everything to be perfect you’ll never start.

What are your business goals for the future?

To network with like minded individuals and team up on making a difference in the world. I’d like my business to grow to be able to make donations to support lonely people in this world.

Final words:

Don’t allow other people’s failed attempts convince you it’s not going to work. Believe in yourself and the world is your oyster!