Article by Emma Gosper, Digital Business Advisor, Western Sydney Business Centre

How to use Instagram Highlights for your business

Instagram Highlights is a feature that allows you to create different photo albums of content posted to your Instagram Story (Instagram Story posts photos and videos to your ‘story’ which disappear/expire after 24 hours).
Highlights allow you to keep this content on your profile, categorised into albums you create, so that your visitors can continue to access them after they have expired.

Here’s how to take advantage of Story Highlights:

From your mobile, access your Instagram settings, select ‘Story Settings’ and turn on ‘Save to Archive’. This automatically saves everything you’ve posted on your Story into an archive on the app.

Go to your profile and underneath your bio, select ‘New’ under Story Highlights. This will display your archive (if you do not have the ‘Save to Archive’ option turned on, your archive will be empty, so post to your story to start adding to your Archive).
From here you can tick select as much content as desired, to go into that specific highlight album. Select ‘next’ and name your highlight album. Keep it short, as only a few characters will display on your profile.

Add a highlight cover image. You can select an image from your archive or get creative and create some album covers for all your different highlights. You can find templates for these online, have a designer create some for you, or use a platform like Canva to create your own. Design them with your branding in mind, use your colours or the same text as your logo so they are consistent with the rest of your material. You can add a cover from your camera roll by selecting the icon on the left.
Click ‘Add’ to insert the highlight album onto your profile and repeat the steps until you have created all your albums.
From here, now that your albums have been created, when you post content to your story, you can open the image or video and select ‘Highlight’ in the bottom right of your screen and you can easily add it to your specific or multiple albums.